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About Us



We are an Indonesian furniture company specialized in exporting and manufacturing high quality of antique reproduction and indoor furniture. Elegance Direct strives to bring you the latest designs and many styles of Indonesian replica's furniture made by skilled craftspeople from Jepara. We proudly offer you high quality export product at incredibly low price. Try us and buy from us online.


Elegan Furniture Located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia; stood on May 03, 1990 and was established by Mr. Noor as well as the family. We have been shipping our elegant furniture at incredibly low price  for the last 15 years all over the world. We guarantee savings of 200 % or more on our product over retail price in the Americas, Europe, Japan, or Australia and save 15 -20 % in our country.


Product - Custom Design


Manufacturing Process

Our elegant furniture consist of over 1000 different styles; included: chair, Sofa, table, bookcase, cabinet, buffet, desk office, console,  mirror, plant stand, armoire, bed, bedside, chest, dressing table, etc. The furniture range included: classic furniture, colonial furniture, French style, Jepara furniture, minimalist furniture, etc. Special order in any kind design can be made upon request. Send us any pictures you might have and the specifications for custom design.   All products made from strong and kiln-dry wood, designed with the best system and construction to minimalist cracking, warping and bending that known as the characteristics of woods. In addition, our product are treated for both live and larval wood worm and other insect. Elegance Direct is a direct exporter and supplier of antique reproduction and Indonesian furniture that are hand carved from mahogany wood, teak wood, suar wood, etc



Finishing Process



All antiques are made with beautiful hand carving by skillful craftsmen and the finishing system mostly used is natural color (NC), unless the specific finish is required. Finally  the finest quality of product will be assured with an intense quality control and qualified hands. This furniture will surely become the antique of the future.


Good quality furniture go under the packaging department where goods are packed in professional manner where every point keep in mind in order to avoid any breaking and damage. The finished furniture will be packed with foam sheet and single face / wrapping paper and then put label for each items.


Loading Container


Delivery - Capacity

Loading supervisor organizing and checking items to go on the container. Our professional loading man will load the furniture to the container in good and safe position.

  Ready for transport to the docking terminal in Semarang Port. Our shipping agent will arrange and pay attention to container condition, both on the road and ocean. Probably, it will be stay to your country on time and good condition.

With a medium production space, the capacity is 2 of 40ft containers per month and supported by over 100 highly qualified hands.



We open warm welcome to importers, wholesalers and retailers around the world to negotiate business with us. We want you to enjoy the buying experience and will provide you with a consistently high quality product with reliable efficient service. We pride ourselves in our satisfied customers. We strive for word of mouth or repeated business.

Take the trip through our website and our delightful products. We will help increase your bottom line and enhance your home and showroom with fine furniture and the latest design.

Try us and buy form us online, we are on hand to assist you through the buying process and will be happy to provide any product or shipping information you require. We welcome you to see our warehouse and show room at Jepara. Please contact us for appointment and we will arrange your travel from airport Ahmad Yani, Semarang, Indonesia.

We sure you'll be happy to find a reliable professional business partner who can help and brings your company succeed for the future. For further information, feel free to contact us:



Company Profile


Company Name





Mochammad Noor

Years Established



Head Office


Jl. Gudang Sawo ( SMKN 1 JEPARA )

Ds. Mulyoharjo, RT 03/ RW 05, Jepara 59431

Central Java - Indonesia




Ds. Sukodono, Rt. 04 / Rw. 05,

Kc. Tahunan, Jepara

Central Java - Indonesia


  Telephone / Mobile :   + 62 813 25550046 ( Mr. Noor )



Web site








Contact Person


Mr. Noor ( Owner / President Director ) mobile :  + 62 813 25550046

                                                             mobile :  + 62 81325041418



English, Indonesia

Services Commitment


Good quality product with reachable price

On time Delivery





Jepara   Branch, Central Java - Indonesia

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Field of Business


Furniture Manufacturer, Producer and Exporter



Wooden Furniture

Main Products


Classic Furniture, Colonial Furniture, French Style


Others Products


Handy Crafts & Statue

Raw Materials


Mahogany wood, Teak wood, Suar wood, MDF, Play Wood



6 Office Staff
50 Carpenter

50 Qualified Workers




NC Finish and Paint Finish

Production Capacity


Standard Design Capacity : 2 x 40 ft container / month
Special Design Capacity   : To Be Advise (TBA)


Minimum Order


1 x 20 ft container

Production Process


Semi Machine and Full Handmade by skilled craftspeople

Export Destination


Singapore, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, French,  Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

Factory Area


1500 m with Kiln-Dry Facility

Packaging System


Foam and Single Face / Wrapping Papers



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