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Wood - Material





MAHOGANY: A strong wood that holds its shape well. Reddish brown in color with a close, uniform grain, making it good for carving detail. Mahogany is very receptive to a large range of finishes.



TEAK: One of the strongest woods which stand up well to the elements ideal for outdoor furniture. Yellow / brown in color with a relatively straight grain.

Timber for both types of wood is provided from renewable resources in accordance with the Indonesian Governments guidelines.



FABRIC / UPHOLSTERY: Items can either be covered in calico, or with one of a range of fabrics / upholstery. Please check available fabric in fabric menu. A standard 6 cm foam, and double cushion are available.

The cost of fabric and standard foam ( thickness = 6 cm ) are included with price on the website.



LEATHER: There are two choice for leather: Genuine Leather and Artificial Leather. Writing Desk can have artificial leather inserted into the desktop where permitted by the style of the desk. A choice of color is available.

The cost of genuine leather is not included with price on the website.


BRASS: All brass is individually sand-cast and has an antique finish and polished ( gold ) finish (depend the request).

The cost of standard brass is included with price on the website.




GLASS AND MIRRORS: The cost of glass and mirror ( unbevelled ) are included with price on the website. Bevelled or unbevelled is available. The bevelled glass, the price will be more expensive.



PACKING AND FUMIGATION: The finished furniture will be packed with foam and single face, then put label for each items. All container are fumigated as required by international law for which the company accept no responsibilities nor liabilities.

Both packing and fumigation ( Non AQIS ) are included in our price.



Raw wood is given to our best craftsmen and supplier who in turn manufacture a good quality of furniture, designed with the highest construction standards, ensuring comfort and durability.



Check out our traditional construction techniques such as:
- Solid hand carved mahogany
- Solid mahogany wood on tabletops and panel
- Hand cut dovetail joints
- Frame and floating panel construction to allow timber movement
- Traditional mortice and tenon frame construction
- Deep drawer construction with drawer stops
- Metal screws and large corner blocks to re-enforce and strengthen joinery on our chairs
- Solid hand cast brass



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